nov 152013

This cogeneration plant is installed inside the ARTENIUS factory, in Sines – Portugal, who produces Purified Terephtalic Acid. It has been conceived to supply high-pressure steam and electricity to its neighboring PTA plant, which is one of the largest of its kind. After only one year in service, the existing diverter damper, supplied by one of our competitors, was not able to meet the required technical specifications. Therefore VEOLIA decided to call STEJASA to replace the existing diverter damper and repair guillotine as well as two fresh air dampers. After confirming STEJASA’s capabilities, VEOLIA granted us the contract under a full turn-key modality. Our diverter damper, in operation since this September, has the following characteristics:

Downstream a gas turbine:   GE Frame 6B
Gas path size (free flow):   3.519 x 3.519 mm
Operating & design temperature:   571 / 610 ºC
Operating & design pressure:   20 / 50 mbar
Flow / Gas speed:   146,2 kg/s – 28 m/s
Casing material:   Carbon steel
Blades material:   Stainless steel
Shafts material:   Stainless steel
Insulation:   Internal with 150 mm of ceramic fibre
Sealing system:   100% tightness with seal air fans
Actuator   Pneumatic with modulating function and emergency shutdown