nov 142017

STEJASA has successfully delivered an EP contract in Santa Fe (Argentina). This fast-track project was engineered, fabricated and delivered in under 6 months. The diverter damper, guillotine, stack and steel structure have completed their assembly downstream an SGT5-2000E Siemens turbine. Today commissioning is ongoing with our field service team, who was also present during the complete construction phase.

feb 172017

STEJASA has successfully delivered 6 “single piece” diverter dampers and guillotines. The diverter dampers will be installed in a “OC to CC” conversion in the Middle East. Due to the plant’s location near the harbour, these 55 tons each diverter dampers will be shipped in a single piece. This will allow a shorter and more efficient construction phase at site. The hydraulically operated diverter dampers will be working downstream six 185MW Ansaldo V94.2 gas turbines.

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Peru is being commissioned

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sep 202016

The construction of the three gas turbine exhaust systems downstream three Siemens SGT6-5000F has concluded. Our field service engineers are now handling the commissioning of these units. The diverter dampers and guillotines will be locked in simple cycle mode until the HRSG units are delivered.

Heading off to Karbala Refinery in Iraq

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sep 072016

STEJASA has concluded the fabrication of four diverter dampers and four guillotines to be installed downstream four SIEMENS SGT-800. The diverter dampers free flow area is 3.050 x 3.050mm with a design temperature of 650ºC. Of course these diverter dampers will be 100% tight thanks to the seal air chamber and 2 x 100% API 673 seal air fans. All the equipment (instrumentation, pneumatic actuator, etc…) has been designed for a zone 2 classified area. The use of a pneumatic actuator and I/P positioner to operate the diverter dampers, will allow a full heat transfer control to the HRSG.

may 032016

STEAJSA has been awarded through its mother company (AAF International) 6 open cycle stacks for 6 x SGT-600 and2 open cycle stacks for 2 x SGT-400. This order corroborates, not only STEJASA’s exceptional position with EPC contractors and HRSG companies, but also with OEMs.

STEJASA conquering South America

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may 032016

STEJASA has delivered to South America 6 bypass systems in late 2015. Thanks to our strategic positions with EPC contractors, we are able to achieve a relevant market share in gas turbine exhaust system. As part of our 2020 Company strategy, STEJASA has set up a challenging target: become the leading supplier in gas turbine exhaust systems.

ene 252016

stejasa are proud to say that we have livered more than 10.000 dampers2015 has been a very successful year in the petrochemical industry. STEJASA has been awarded the supply of several multilouver, butterfly and guillotine dampers for Air Preheating Systems (APHs) in REPSOL Cartagena, REPSOL Tarragona, BP OIL Castellon, etc… All dampers comply to tough specifications like API 560, for instance, as well as ATEX for I&C.

Another order for Pakistan

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nov 082014

STEJASA has been awarded a contract to deliver 64 diverter dampers (also known as gas distributors) to Pakistan. These 64 units will be operating downstream 64 GE JENBACHER gas engines that are currently in operation in a K-ELECTRIC power plant. These diverter dampers will allow the conversion from simple cycle to combined cycle operation.

oct 282013

STEJASA’s reputation for dampers designs is well known worldwide. These have been present in the process industries for decades and have proven to be extremely reliable. This permanent equipment built to isolate certain parts of a process is not always the best solution. This is why STEJASA’s eagerness for innovation has come up with this revolutionary solution: the duct balloon.

This duct balloon allows a temporary isolation of a process section. This inflatable barrier can be set up within in a few minutes. Once inflated the large contact surface allows an incredibly tight seal. Thanks to its robust construction, resistant to aggressive atmospheres, it can be inflated and deflated as many times as necessary.

With its integrate fan, it can be left inside a duct for hours, days or months.

The applications for such an innovative product are:

•    Isolation of the inlet and outlet of a gas turbine during a long shutdown. This will avoid dust, water and any other aggressive element damage a machine worth millions of dollars.
•    Isolation of a stack during a shutdown or maintenance schedule to prevent water entering the working area.
•    It helps isolate maintenance teams from other parts of the plant in operation. Thanks to it highly effective tightness and capacity to resist up to 150ºC, workers doing repairs will not be exposed to heat, dust, annoying odours, etc…
•    It may be used as a scaffold inside a duct to easy access repair work (bag filter maintenance for instance).
•    Isolation of hoppers and cyclones during maintenance operation
•    Any other isolating solution you may think of…

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And best of all, it can be designed to fit any kind of duct shape. So hurry, order your air damper now and reduce shutdown costs.