abr 282015

bypass_stejasaSTEJASA has been awarded the supply of two bypass systems downstream two Westinghouse W501D5 gas turbines. The scope of supply will include:
· GT diffuser
· Primary silencer
· A hydraulically operated diverter damper (5.100 x 5.100 mm)
· A maintenance guillotine
· A secondary silencer
· Bypass stack (40m above ground level)
· Steel structure
· AWL, ladders, platforms, etc…
The project required extremely severe sound pressure levels. This is why STEJASA will supply two silencers (primary and secondary) as well an acoustic wall. The delivery is expected by the end of 2015.

dic 012014

STEJASA has been awarded 4 (four) gas turbine exhaust systems by DURO FELGUERA as part of SPE’s six combined cycle power plant expansion. STEJASA will deliver the bypass systems, with diverter dampers, to the plant located in DJELFA. The 6.500 x 6.500 diverter dampers will be running downstream six GE Frame 9FA gas turbines. The plant’s total power output will reach 1,280 GW. STEJASA’s scope of supply will include:

· GT to diverter transition

· A 6.500 x 6.500 hydraulically operated diverter damper.

· A blanking plate

· Silencer

· Steel structure

· Expansion joints

· Ladder and platforms

· AWL, lightning arrestors, CEMS ports, etc..

The four units will be delivered in Algeria by March 2015.

More about SONELGAZ’s CCPP expansion:
“SPE (Société Algérienne de Production de l’Electricité), a subsidiary of the Sonelgaz group, has signed six contracts for the construction of CCGT power plants in Algeria, with a capacity ranging between 1,200 MW and 1,600 MW each. The six projects are part of Sonelgaz’s 2013-2017 development plan and will require a total investment of about US$4bn. South Korean consortium Hyundai E&C – Deawoo will build the 1,376 MW Oumache CCGT plant in the Biskra wilaya and the 1,436 MW (1,600 MW gross) Bellara plant in the Jijel wilaya. Samsung C&T will be in charge of the construction of the Sonaghter plant in the Mostaganem wilaya (1,480 MW) and of the 1,202 MW Naâma plant (Mecheria), while Duro Felguera will carry out that of the Djelfa plant (1,280 MW) in Ain Ouessara. The construction of the 1,280 MW Kais CCGT plant in the Khenchela wilaya was awarded to GS-Daelim. They are all expected to be commissioned in 2017.”

Another order for Pakistan

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nov 082014

STEJASA has been awarded a contract to deliver 64 diverter dampers (also known as gas distributors) to Pakistan. These 64 units will be operating downstream 64 GE JENBACHER gas engines that are currently in operation in a K-ELECTRIC power plant. These diverter dampers will allow the conversion from simple cycle to combined cycle operation.

Another outstanding project in Mexico

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jun 172014

STEJASA has delivered a complete bypass system for a gas turbine for the “Cogeneración ciclo combinado Refinería Complejo Pajaritos Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz” in Mexico. The experience of working with the Spanish EPC contractor OHL-SENER has been a great experience. The bypass system, downstream a Trent 60 from Rolls-Royce, includes dampers, bypass stack, silencer and accessories.

nov 152013

This cogeneration plant is installed inside the ARTENIUS factory, in Sines – Portugal, who produces Purified Terephtalic Acid. It has been conceived to supply high-pressure steam and electricity to its neighboring PTA plant, which is one of the largest of its kind. After only one year in service, the existing diverter damper, supplied by one of our competitors, was not able to meet the required technical specifications. Therefore VEOLIA decided to call STEJASA to replace the existing diverter damper and repair guillotine as well as two fresh air dampers. After confirming STEJASA’s capabilities, VEOLIA granted us the contract under a full turn-key modality. Our diverter damper, in operation since this September, has the following characteristics:

Downstream a gas turbine:   GE Frame 6B
Gas path size (free flow):   3.519 x 3.519 mm
Operating & design temperature:   571 / 610 ºC
Operating & design pressure:   20 / 50 mbar
Flow / Gas speed:   146,2 kg/s – 28 m/s
Casing material:   Carbon steel
Blades material:   Stainless steel
Shafts material:   Stainless steel
Insulation:   Internal with 150 mm of ceramic fibre
Sealing system:   100% tightness with seal air fans
Actuator   Pneumatic with modulating function and emergency shutdown
oct 282013

STEJASA’s reputation for dampers designs is well known worldwide. These have been present in the process industries for decades and have proven to be extremely reliable. This permanent equipment built to isolate certain parts of a process is not always the best solution. This is why STEJASA’s eagerness for innovation has come up with this revolutionary solution: the duct balloon.

This duct balloon allows a temporary isolation of a process section. This inflatable barrier can be set up within in a few minutes. Once inflated the large contact surface allows an incredibly tight seal. Thanks to its robust construction, resistant to aggressive atmospheres, it can be inflated and deflated as many times as necessary.

With its integrate fan, it can be left inside a duct for hours, days or months.

The applications for such an innovative product are:

•    Isolation of the inlet and outlet of a gas turbine during a long shutdown. This will avoid dust, water and any other aggressive element damage a machine worth millions of dollars.
•    Isolation of a stack during a shutdown or maintenance schedule to prevent water entering the working area.
•    It helps isolate maintenance teams from other parts of the plant in operation. Thanks to it highly effective tightness and capacity to resist up to 150ºC, workers doing repairs will not be exposed to heat, dust, annoying odours, etc…
•    It may be used as a scaffold inside a duct to easy access repair work (bag filter maintenance for instance).
•    Isolation of hoppers and cyclones during maintenance operation
•    Any other isolating solution you may think of…

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And best of all, it can be designed to fit any kind of duct shape. So hurry, order your air damper now and reduce shutdown costs.

sep 192013

STEJASA has recently delivered a diverter damper and repair guillotine for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). This tandem will be operating downstream a GE FRAME 9E gas turbine. For this application we have chosen our highly reliable 5.600 x 5.600mm diverter damper. This model has been on the market over 10 years with more than 50 units installed worldwide.

For more information, please contact our Sales Manager, Mr. Artigas (

STEJASA in PowerGen Viena 2013

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jun 242013

Like every year for the last 20 years, STEJASA has had a stand in PowerGen Europe. This year was probably one of the most interesting of the last 5 years. We had a chance to introduce our new diverter damper design and our revolutionary bypass systems. Our Clients present in the show were overwhelmed by the improvements in our designs. We also signed a new frame agreement for Middle East that will position STEJASA diverters dampers and bypass systems even better in that market. It was also a great opportunity to meet our friends who make STEJASA be what it is today: the NME team from Italy, Giorgio and Laura from WEMEA, Alfonso, Osama, Johannes, etc…

Next show is PowerGen Asia… See you there!!!