Our Background

guillotines - product of Stejasa

STEJASA was established in 1974 in Madrid (Spain) as a subsidiary of STEJASA in Germany. In 1990 STEJASA was bought by Juan Manuel Victorio and Julio Molina (members of the BoD at that time) to his former owners. Since then Juan Manuel Victorio has been leading STEJASA through a fantastic journey. In 1993, we decide to undertake our international expansion through the French market. By 1998 we had a 90% market share over the border! In 1997 we decided to move to Italy. Thanks to our partner NME S.r.l Italy has been one of our key markets since then. In 2015, STEJASA was integrated in the AAF International global group (part of DAIKIN Industries of Japan).

Today an incredible team of over 50 people are part of this adventure. Thanks to a subsidiary in the USA; licensees in Turkey and agents in 3 continents, we have made STEJASA an international company with 95% of its business outside Spain.
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